People with OCD Knew It All Along

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This is why the OCD-mind needs a second opinion

These days, everybody will see what it’s like to have second thoughts on the state of the germs in your house or on your hands — especially your hands. When you’re not sure whether the 5-minute extensive hand-wash you just had — without any doubt — removed the nasty bastards from your skin.

The one thing that all OCD-minds know — but won’t tell you

There is one thing that usually slips under the radar — door mats. By far the biggest leak in your entire system. I’m sure you’ve already thought about that, but never dared to address the problem directly. I know I haven’t. Every time I go through the catalogue of possible threats that it poses, I get a clear picture of how underrated this problem is. Turning a blind eye on it won’t save it.

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I write about the resistance to change, the unwillingness to take risks, and paralysis of indecision — only the good stuff.

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