Why Do People Get the Diseases of the Country to Which They Move?

And why even their good genes cannot protect them

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

It’s the bad genes

Although frightening at times, the relief of not being responsible for almost anything in our lives is very convenient and liberating in a sense, because it frees us from the burdening accountability of our own decision-making.

Lifestyle vs. Bad genes

What really happens in your body is — gene regulation. The right term used for this is ‘epigentic regulation of gene expression’ and describes the process in which “epigenetic mechanisms seem to allow an organism to respond to the environment through changes in gene expression” — in other words: epigenetics is the body’s ability to respond to its environment ‘outside of conventional genetics’.

People Get the Diseases of the Country to Which They Move

Dr. John McDougall, a San Francisco based physician, was able to experience this first hand while practicing medicine in Hawaii. He saw that the elderly immigrants from China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines enjoyed a life without diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer of the breast, prostate, or colon, and “remained trim, active, and medication free into their nineties” while the second generation “were a little heavier and not as healthy” as their parents, the third generation suffered “from the most profound health problems, the same ones I had spent my years learning about during my medical training.” (The Starch Solution, Introduction p.15)

I write about the resistance to change, the unwillingness to take risks, and paralysis of indecision — only the good stuff.

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