If you’re caught up in distractions, then you’re probably chasing happiness. Here’s what you can do.

Do you know the fear that arises when you think about how much time you’ve wasted? You only have so much time in your life, and the watch’s ticking — mercilessly. Second by second. You look back and it has been another week, another month, and too often another year…

A deep dive into a devastating control mechanism

Since narcissists see their children as nothing but an extension of themselves, they will do everything in their power to sabotage their development into independent adults. Anything that even remotely resembles a fully-functioning human being will be obstructed from an early age.

Because independence means their children’s eventual departure, and…

What Trump represents will not be gone any time soon

America’s voting and the world is watching. I can’t think of another election that raised eyebrows like the current campaign. An open exchange of blows from both sides, which didn’t go unnoticed — even here in Europe.

The Trump vs. Hillary campaign was huge, but the latest Trump vs. Biden

A reaction to a response I got here on Medium

“This is the danger of giving unqualified people a platform [Medium] to say whatever they want, about whatever they want.”

When this response appeared under one of my articles, I couldn’t but wonder why some people fear reading about different viewpoints on a particular subject? They fear it to such…

And why even their good genes cannot protect them

Since their mainstream appearance in the 1970s, genes have been blamed for virtually everything: Our inherited musical ear, our beautiful and not so beautiful body features, and especially our illnesses — all products of our genetic code, a “predetermined” life controlled by this invisible hand.

It took only a few…

Alen M. Vukelić

I write about the resistance to change, the unwillingness to take risks, and paralysis of indecision — only the good stuff.

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